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About The Game :
The German orders to capture of Moscow in October 1941 specified the use of 51divisions, including 13 panzer divisions, to encircle the city. As the Germansclosed in on the capital, the fighting got fiercer and more desperate. The delay of the German forces after Smolensk left little time for the driveto Moscow before the onset of winter. And while both German and Russian High Commands were well aware of this, nevertheless, 'Operation Typhoon' wentahead as planned. The attack was costly and first bogged down in endless mud,making the roads impassable. Next, the offensive was literally 'frozen in its tracks' when the harsh Soviet winter set in. The Germans were not provided withwinter clothing, and their vehicles and equipment were similarly not prepared. Yet despite all this, they reached the western suburbs, barely 17 km from the Kremlin, but before they ever encircled the city Soviet reinforcements arrived. Some of these new Russian troops were Siberian divisions, equipped and trained for winter fighting.

Can you capture Moscow in the face of the strengthening Red Army and the onset ofthe bitter Russian Winter?

Moscow '41 features the familiar Panzer Campaigns interface and game scale where 1 hex represents 1 km and a 2-hour game turn. The map area encompasses over 150,000 hexes (438 x 385), which is larger than the Kursk Map by almost 1/3rd. The area covers from 15km north of Kalinin in the north to 80 km south of Tula.

Game Featuers:

27 Scenarios are included covering both Fall and Winter fighting.
Two major Campaign Periods
2 Oct until the on set of the muddy weather brought the offensive to a halt.
15 Nov until the drive ended on the outskirts of Moscow.

Campaign scenarios are included for both time periods as well as smaller scenarios covering specific actions and what if situations. OOB & Scenario editors are included which allow players to customize the game to their desires. There’s no limit on the scenarios that can be created and the sub-map feature allows the main map to be “chopped” up into the specific size that best fits the situation.
As is the hallmark of all Tiller games, Moscow ’41 brings new engine changes to the series which enhance the campaign being portrayed, and as always, all new features will be rolled out for free to the previous titles in the series:
Added new Frozen Penalty rules (see Environment section of Users Manual). (Added to account for the lack of preparation the Germans made for this first winter in Russia. So as the German player you will battle the weather as well as a growing number of Russian Units.) Change so that units with Hard Attack values of range 0 only have those attack values affect assaults under the optional Alternate Assault rule and not default assaults. Changes to AT Guns including no ZOC, ability to retreat after assault, and increased disruption against hard vehicles. Changes to Heavy AA Guns including no ZOC and increased disruption against hard vehicles.
Moscow ’41 provides multiple play options including play against the computer AI, Play by e-mail (PBEM), LAN & Internet “live” play, and two-player hotseat.


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